June, 26, 2019
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Recruiting Q&A’

Employee sign-up sheet to receive notice of your jobs by email or on their mobile device.

Attention: Human Resources

Referrals are the number one source for new employees. 

Referrals from your existing employees are one of the best sources for candidates. Your current employees know your property and company. They will know which of their friends and acquaintances will be interested in your jobs.

Many of your employees are interested in advancing their careers with you. Do you know which jobs each of your employees are interested in? Why not ask them?

Attached is a simple form you can print out and distribute to your employees. Then enter the information into your "opt in" email program. Odds are, some of their friends will want to be added to the list.

This is your best opportunity to create a dynamic recruiting list. You have other people you contact about jobs. Why not let them fill out the sheet as well. 

What do you do if employees check off job categories you know they are not qualified for?

Recent Example:

At one hotel, the Housekeeping employees checked off all the management and all the hourly job categories. The Human Resources Director knew that many of the employees only spoke a few words of English. When asked, the Executive Housekeeper didn’t have an answer. The HR Director then asked some of the Housekeeping employees. Almost all the hourly employees in Housekeeping belonged to the same three churches. Each Sunday the ministers would make public service announcements from the pulpit. Employees wanted to take the list of vacant jobs to their ministers.

Moral of the story? Before she asked the employees, the HR Director was just going to eliminate all job categories except the ones the Human Resources Director thought employee was qualified for.

Results: Human Resources Director told us she has hired 3 management employees that applied after the announcements were made in churches.

Download PDF file of Employee E-mail Referral Sign-up