June, 26, 2019
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Recruiting Q&A’

When should you use different recruiting techniques? How do you know when it’s time to do more?

There are several recruiting techniques that can be effective for different types of positions. Many of them can be tied together into an effective recruiting strategy. Recruiting is an investment in the future of your business. Unfortunately, most employers only think of it as a cost and want to spend as little as possible.

Following is a list of recruiting techniques that are often effective:

  1. Review resumes/applications from people who have previously applied to your company.*
  2. Referrals from your current employees and/or other people and organizations you know.*
  3. Internet employment ads on niche job boards that attract passive job seekers.*
  4. Print flyers that can be distributed within your local community.*
  5. Automated email employment marketing.*
  6. Targeted local, regional, or national social networking. Social networking has wonderful potential. Currently it is extremely time consuming when it comes to finding employees for specific current openings. Best used to build your files for the future IF your company has the time and commitment to really stay in touch with good candidates on a monthly basis.
  7. Search and placement.

Steps 1-6 can either be done using your own labor or by spending a few hundred dollars at most.

If these steps have not identified at least 5 good candidates within 2 weeks, trade up to Step 6.

Craig’s List, depends on the market you are in and the level of experience you need. Targeted direct mail is more effective because it is targeted to your specific needs. Craig's List is good when hospitality experience is optional.

Search or Placement, is justified as the first step for positions that impact your profits by over $5,000 per week. Search/placement should fill most of your jobs within 5 weeks. Review The Contribution Factor to determine when to use search or placement.

Retained search requires an upfront financial commitment. Placement companies typically only charge you if you hire through them. So why would you use a retained search firm? Most retained search firms only allow their staff to work 4 jobs at a time. That means you get 25% of the person’s time and efforts. Placement firms have to work 40 jobs at a time to make the same commissions. That means you will rarely get more than an hour of their time a week. Most placement firms stop at searching their files of existing applicants. Retained search firms typically “recruit” the exact candidate you need. Placement firms tell employers they “recruit”, but in reality it’s a numbers game. The average placement firm only fills 10% of the assignments from employers. That means placement firms don’t dare spend the time most employers need or think they are getting.