April, 23, 2019
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Temporary Executives


The ideal solution when a key employee is gone for an extended time, is assigned to a long term special assignment, or when you need expertise in a specific area to address a problem, opportunity, or new technology. Or when you have a vacancy and simply want a new perspective. 

Many companies are starting to use Temporary Executives to expand the capabilities of their organizations to give them the competitive edge they need. Temporary Executives frequently are less expensive, on a monthly basis, than the same person would be on a permanent basis. Temporary Executives can often be found on short notice and can work for weeks or months. 

Fees are 15% of the monthly compensation of the Temporary Executive for the duration of the assignment. If they are converted to full-time employment fees paid will be credited toward the applicable Contract Placement.


  • Highly skilled executives, often at reduced salaries.
  • Use Executives only as long as you need them.
  • No fringe benefit costs.

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