April, 23, 2019
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Retained Search


Retained search consultants only work 3-4 positions at a time. That assures you get at least 25% of their time each week. That means you get targeted real recruiting. Most positions can be filled in 30-45 days. Companies come to search firms when they need leaders, or have difficult to fill positions.

Contingency placement firms need to work 40 positions a month to reach placement industry standards. That means you get, at best, an hour per week. On average contingency placement firms fill only 10% of jobs they work. (One our of every 10.) These positions are typically open 91-119 days. Contingency placement firms primarily place managers.

There's a role for both kinds of companies. It depends on YOUR expected profit contribution from the position. Whether you need a leader or a manager.

Ferree & Associates Inc. does charge a portion of the fee up front. You are buying the time of recruiting experts to find you Top 20% candidates quickly. That means there needs to be joint financial commitment.

Don't need Retained Search on the job you have vacant? Consider the services of the Securemploy Contract Placement program.

Not sure which you need? Call Tom Ferree at 800-935-5280. (Email is Tom@FerreeAssoc.com)

Tom is very willing to discuss your needs and offer suggestions. Then you can make the best decision for your property/company.