June, 26, 2019
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Ferree & Associates: How We Work

Our Mission Statement:

Who Are We?

Ferree & Associates, Inc. has been serving the Hospitality Industry since 1978. Our forte is research. Currently we track:

Over 75,000 hotels, resorts, clubs, conference centers and hospitality management companies. On 77 criteria.

Many of our searches combine 15 or more criteria. That enables us to identify candidates that match your needs with pinpoint accuracy. Virtually everyone in the search business is computerized these days. The key isn't whether a company is computerized, but rather what information they have computerized, how detailed the information is, and how frequently it is updated.

The significance of the above for you?
Our research enabled us to reduce the time it takes to fill positions by 7.3 weeks. Based on The Contribution Factor that means our clients improve their profits by 148% of the annual compensation of the people we place in the 12 months from the time we receive the assignment. The sooner you hire the right person the sooner your profits improve.

How do we jointly expedite filling your positions?

YOU need to take 15 minutes to thoroughly explain to us exactly the skills you want from the person for the position. (That time will usually save you 3-5 weeks of time in filling the position. Which means profits from the position start coming in 60-100% quicker.)

YOU need to establish a compensation package that will attract someone with skills that place them in the top 20% of people in their position at their level of experience. (Just as you would expect.) Demand for talented people greatly exceeds supply. If you doubt that statement: Just look at quality of most of candidates who apply on job boards.

Once WE know your specifications and have your signed fee schedule we can start the process. WE use a simultaneous three pronged approach. The computers enable us to identify candidates we are currently tracking that meet your criteria. At the same time the computer identifies properties and/or companies that best fit your criteria so we can start the recruiting process specifically for you. Last, the computer is analyzing another database to identify additional sources of candidates that meet your criteria. Now the human element comes in.

WE analyze all the data to come up with a recruiting plan to assure we quickly identify candidates for you. Then the telephone work begins. Our goal is to identify a minimum of 3-5 candidates that meet your criteria within 5 working days of starting your assignment. That's our target. Does it ever take a few days longer? Of course.

Now it is back to YOU. Your calling candidates quickly and doing thorough phone interviews enables us to quickly refine your search if necessary. If WE are on target with the initial candidates YOU can quickly set up interviews. The key to filling YOUR positions quickly is to conduct interviews within two weeks. If YOU can run work references, make a job offer, and get an acceptance within the first three weeks YOUR new employee should be able to start within 5-6 weeks of your starting the search.

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