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A Brief History
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Ferree & Associates, Inc. was formed in 1978 as an Executive Placement company to service the hotel / resort sectors of the hospitality industry. Ongoing research on the industry, properties, and companies was recognized as the key to differentiating this company from other Executive Search and Placement companies. Those research efforts were greatly aided by Tom Ferree's previous affiliation with two Fortune 100 companies. Our mission statement is two words: "Continually Innovate."

Securemploy was initially a specialty human resources organization specializing in ideas to increase the productivity of people. Their view of the world: problems are created by people and can, therefore be solved by people. In 1986 Securemploy was acquired by Ferree & Associates, Inc. and became the Research Division. Since 1987 Securemploy has been a major profit contributor to the company.

Secure-Profits was formed in 1995 to market services and products recommended to us by clients. Emphasis is on services that have innovations to set them apart from competitors. Likewise products that provide a difference. In 20112 Secure-Profits was revised and expanded.

In 1998 Hospitality Online was created as the industry's leading job board. Once up a simple ATS was added.   It was spun off as a separate corporation in 2000.

2004 database was expanded to 50,000 hotels, resorts, upscale clubs, and over 2,900 hotel management companies and chains.

By 2008 the database was up to 62,000 properties, over 4,000 hotel management companies and over 1,500 other hospitality management companies.

2010 we started studying and testing social media recruiting.

2011 Secure-Profits was totally re-written. New services and consultants were added to address the rapid changes in technology. To address the growing recognition that certain functions can be better managed outside the hotel to free up property staffs to better serve customers and generate additional revenues.

2012 websites have been re-written. Database just passed 75,000 hotels and resorts and over 7,000 hospitality management companies and chains. Non-traditional methods to recruit candidates using social media are being implemented. Social media is a wonderful medium, but as a recruiting tool, the traditional sources are so labor intensive they are not cost effective. That meant taking the concept and identifying where and how to use it.

We, like our clients, recognize that to stay abreast of our industry and remain profitable we must "Continually Innovate."

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